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We’re working to make the health care experience better for everyone. Increased globalization, the vastness of cyber space and giant strides in aviation have shrunk the globe today. This implies that the global population has become very transient in nature. As long as the going is good, this is a wonderful thing – be in any part of the world, cash in on new opportunities.

Techsosys advises sophisticated hospital, health system, provider and payor clients, financial investors and other players in the healthcare sector dealing with challenging transactional, investigatory, litigation, antitrust and competition, and regulatory issues.

TECHPLE TECHSOSYS have handled some of the most significant hospital and healthcare provider investigations and regularly helps clients address issues relating to a wide spectrum of legal challenges, including:

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Private equity and other capital markets investment
  • Compliance program development and counselling
  • Regulatory counselling, including licensing and certification
  • White collar and government investigations, including fraud and abuse, bribery and corrupt practices matters
  • False Claims Act
  • Provider delivery system development
  • Hospital operational matters, including cooperation with life sciences companies
  • Contract negotiations, including Payor, Vendor and Provider-to-Provider contracting Litigation