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Engineering Sector

Automotive Engineering

The Automotive industry has been taken by storm with the disruption caused by digital technologies. Due to this, the need for businesses to reinvent themselves in order to remain competitive – as well as retain and grow their market share that has never been greater. While this will help in retaining the market, growing the business needs a more structured approach to understanding products, customers, dealers, distributors, suppliers, and organizational associates.

Power Sector

Techsosys as retaining a large and diverse client base, Having the correct structure and ambition in place has brought the benefits of continued successful progress, whilst gaining a wealth of knowledge in this specialised field. This has in turn has contributed towards the safety culture and disciplined regime of the business. Whatever your requirements, our highly skilled team of electrical consultants and engineers are at your service. We have experience with a vast range of systems, including lighting and power installations, fire alarms and emergency lighting, LED and energy efficient lighting. Solar PV Panels for home or office, supplied and installed.

Industrial Sector

Techsosys a specialist in engineering offering a full range of high end services in the engineering industry covering areas across engineering design, diagnostic procedures & methodology, competitor analysis & benchmarking and so on to deliver innovative, cost effective designs. Techsosys provide a common model to develop complete and accurate designs that can be leveraged across planning, equipment design, layout, and construction. You can easily explore design alternatives using 3D parametric design and simulation to optimize your designs against customer and project objectives.

Embedded Systems

Designing control and I/O systems for industrial machinery and advanced equipment is no small task. Design teams must deliver profitable and differentiated products while meeting stringent technical requirements and tight schedules. Performing full custom embedded design is a significant challenge for small teams and carries significant costs in terms of time, resources, and expertise. The length and complexity of these designs also prevents teams from leveraging the latest advancements in processing and heterogeneous computing elements, because advancements in silicon outpace current design cycles.

Other Engineering Sectors

Techsosys is specializing in all wide range of engineering sectors for assisting our clients to acquire high quality engineering talent on demand, in the shortest possible time. Techsosys is staffed with a pool of experienced Engineers and service personals, trained to handle simple to complex servicing of all kind of Engineering that make changes in the business environment have compelled SPCs to draw up strategies to outsource software development to improve delivery, lower development costs, de-risk business, and reduce time-to-market.

other Engineering Sectors

  • Process engineering
  • Computer engineering
  • Software engineering
  • Network engineering
  • Applied engineering
  • Telecommunication engineering
  • Control engineering and others